Haryana Traffic E Challan- PAY ONLINE !!

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Haryana Traffic E Challan: One of India’s states with the quickest growth rates and the most traffic is Haryana. Haryana Traffic e-challan is an effective and time-saving method for streamlining the process of issuing and paying penalties for traffic infractions.

Haryana Traffic E Challan has a strict regulatory system for traffic laws. When a car is penalised in Haryana, the offender has the option of paying the fine via online methods through the website of the Haryana Traffic Police. The offender must visit the closest RTO or Traffic Police office to pay the fine using the offline mode, which is also available. You may learn more about the online check-and-pay process as well as the consequences for breaking traffic laws here.

Haryana Traffic E Challan- PAY ONLINE !!

How can I use Parivahan in Haryana to make an online challan payment? (Haryana Traffic E Challan)
Step 1 Go to Click here, the official government e-challan website.
Step 2: Click the “Check Challan Status” option.
Step 3: Enter pertinent information, such as the challan number, the number plate number, or the vehicle identification number.
Step 4: Verify your challan information once it appears on the screen, then click “Make Payment” to go to the Haryana online payment page.
Step 5: You will be given a number of payment choices for the Haryana traffic police challan, including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and more. Make your e-challan payment using your chosen payment method.

A Haryana traffic police challan may be issued to you if you are found in violation of the following rules:



Driving without Helmet

₹ 500

Driving without seatbelt

₹ 500


Two Wheelers – ₹ 1500

Light Motor Vehicles – ₹2000

Heavy Motor Vehicles – ₹4000

Driving without licence

Two Wheelers – ₹ 2000

Three/Four Wheelers – ₹3000

Underage driving

First-time offenders- ₹500
Subsequent offence ₹500

Driving without vehicle fitness certificate


Causing obstruction to emergency vehicles (Example: ambulance)


Disregarding traffic signals


Drunk driving

First-time offenders- Imprisonment of up to 6 months and/or penalty of up to ₹10,000

Subsequent offence – Imprisonment of up to 2 years and/or penalty of up to ₹15,000

Driving without insurance

First-time offenders – Imprisonment of up to 3 months and/or penalty of up to ₹2,000

Subsequent offence – Imprisonment of up to 3 months and/or penalty of up to ₹4,000

There was a time when traffic offenders could only deposit their fines offline, but with the widespread adoption of network-based systems, it is now possible for online challan Haryana to be paid through a variety of modes including the Haryana government-run e-gras portal, the Central Government’s Parivahan portal and apps such as Park+. Each is described below in detail.
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