Dominos Revolutionizes Pizza Delivery with Jet Pack Pilots

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Dominos, the renowned pizza chain, has taken the concept of pizza delivery to new heights – quite literally! In a groundbreaking move, the company partnered with Gravity Industries during the Glastonbury festival to introduce a never-before-seen delivery system utilizing jet packs. The spectacle left festival-goers amazed and eager to witness more of these futuristic pizza deliveries.

Domino’s Revolutionizes Pizza Delivery with Jet Pack Pilots

The Futuristic Jet-Suit Delivery

During the Glastonbury festival, attendees were in for a surprise when they ordered their Dominos pizza. A video capturing the moment went viral on social media, showcasing a Domino’s delivery person donning a specially designed delivery suit, a helmet, and a customized jetpack soaring through the skies above Glastonbury. After expertly delivering the hot pizzas, the pilot placed his hands on the jet engine-powered arms mounts and gracefully departed.

The Jet-Suit Delivery system, developed in collaboration with Gravity Industries, boasts cutting-edge technology worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Its primary goal is to ensure that the pizzas are delivered to customers in their usual sizzling hot and fresh state, regardless of the delivery location.

Addressing Delivery Challenges

The motivation behind this innovative initiative stems from the challenges Domino’s faced in delivering pizzas to festival locations, given the heavy traffic congestion. Realizing the need for a rapid and efficient delivery solution, Domino’s launched its trial program with the jet-suit-wearing pilots. By doing so, they were able to provide hungry campers with piping hot Domino’s pizza while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

Elevating the dominos pizza Delivery Experience

Domino’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its willingness to embrace cutting-edge technology have propelled the company to new heights in the pizza delivery domain. By introducing the Jet Pack Delivery system, Domino’s aims to create unforgettable experiences for its customers, leaving a lasting impression that sets them apart from the competition.

A New Era of Delivery for pizza dominos

The Jet Pack Delivery system marks a significant milestone in the evolution of pizza delivery. It showcases the immense potential for integrating technology into traditional industries, offering a glimpse into a future where sky-bound deliveries become the norm. Domino’s has set the bar high, inspiring other companies to explore innovative ways to enhance their delivery services.

The Future of Delivery Technology

The successful implementation of jet-pack-wearing delivery pilots opens up exciting possibilities for various industries. From food delivery to package transportation, the integration of jet packs could revolutionize the way goods are transported. This technological advancement not only enhances efficiency but also provides a unique and memorable experience for customers.


Domino’s groundbreaking Jet Pack Delivery system has captured the imagination of pizza lovers and technology enthusiasts alike. By partnering with Gravity Industries, the company has unveiled a new era of pizza delivery that combines innovation, speed, and an unparalleled customer experience. As Domino’s continues to push boundaries and explore futuristic delivery methods, they cement their position as a trailblazer in the food delivery industry.

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